ŁÓDŹ: Sightseeing, exhibitions and art

Be Open to Łódź  Centrally located and the third largest city in Poland is famous for its multicultural history and industrial design. Traces of the presence of Poles, Germans, Russians, and Jews in the history of the city can be found almost everywhere.  A young city, but burdened with six centuries of history, Łódź is alleged to be both … Continue reading ŁÓDŹ: Sightseeing, exhibitions and art


Did you know…?

Did you know that "Łódź" means "boat" in Polish? There are many legends or stories around the origin of the city's name, but none is assumed true. One of them tells a story of a man who made himself a shelter by turning his boat upside down and thus the settlement built by him and … Continue reading Did you know…?

Time to move forward

It’s not long since EAHIL Workshop 2019 in Basel ended and we’re still under a huge impression of the incredible amount of inspiring content and thorough organization. We observed everything closely so that we, too, meet such high standards in organizing the next EAHIL event – the EAHIL 2020 conference in Łódź. EAHIL2020 team You … Continue reading Time to move forward